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Hear what some of our clients say about us!

TCG Services is the first vendor I go to for any client request.  There is no job too big or small that TCG has not handled quickly, efficiently and professionally for me.  All of their staff go beyond the normal to work with their clients as individuals and have truly become part of my family as well.  Over the two years I have had the privilege to work with them they consistently exceed my expectations with anything I send their way.  Whether it is a small item needing attention or a huge project with multiple technicians involved I know each one of their project managers will take the time to make sure myself and my client are taken care of.

Stacy B.

The folks at TCG are beyond phenomenal.  From the ladies who answer the phones to the project managers, right up to the owners, I have always had “above-my-expectations” service from them.  They are always willing and able to provide “first-class” service to me, without fail.  Whether it is a simple light bulb replacement, or a complicated build-back after a flood, they come through for me and get the job done right the first time.  I know when I send over a work order request to them, it is in good hands and I don’t have to worry about it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone for ANY job, big or small.

Ellen N.

We have worked with TCG since 2006 and we continue to use them for all of our general repair and plumbing calls today. TCG, like all vendors, do make mistakes but they will own up to it and make sure that the wrong is made right. It’s been a pleasure working with the guys in the office and getting to know them throughout the years. I know I can count on TCG to put our best interest first and get the job done.

Nicole D.

I really like TCG because they are honest and always happy to help. They have been doing work for us for nearly 7 years. They handle all our plumbing and handyman calls. And, on occasion they have been asked to help with special projects– outside of the regular day to day store maintenance work.

Whenever I need additional information or an update, you have always been good about getting back to me promptly. The team is also good. Our vendor partners can make mistakes from time to time; what I hate more than anything is for one to tell me what I want to hear rather than what I need to hear. TCG will tell it to you straight, even when something didn’t go right or something was missed. They will work to correct it, and they do. 

Christina S.

Without a doubt, TCG is my go-to for any facility case. No matter the time of day or the area of the country, TCG is ready and willing to take on my most difficult maintenance issue. From high-volume retail clients to upscale, luxury properties, I default to TCG to handle the repair start to finish; Work order after work order, the crew over at TCG provides unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing – all while being downright great people who are a pleasure to work with. I truly view TCG as a partner that has my client’s best interest at heart and will do whatever it takes to make my job easier. In an industry that is renowned for “stuff going wrong”, it’s great to have TCG around to make things right!

Emily M.


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Hear what our customer are saying about us!

TCG Services is the first vendor I go to for any client request.  There is no job too big or small that TCG has not handled quickly, efficiently and professionally for me.
     -Stacy B.

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